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The PRD-52 is a waterproof backpack delivery bag, equipped to help you deliver hot and cold foods while
preserving the form of the food’s packaging, taste and aroma from the rough handling of the delivery personnel
and the delivery route conditions. These bags are customizable with your logo and phone number
either in digital print or embroidery. Several add-ons are available to enhance and extend the usage and
efficiency of this bag.

Bag Features
• 900D Textile
• YKK Zippers
• Aluminum Hard Frame
• Plastic Foot Stands
• PRTI Insulation
• Two Level Shelf System
• Hook And Loop Handle
• Condiments Compartment
• Parallel Back Support
• Separator Shelf
• Waterproof

Our bags are made to be modular to serve the different needs of the diverse restaurant businesses. Add-ons
available for this product are:
• Internal Separator Shelf separates the bag in two or more compartments
• Top Beverage additional compartment for beverages on top of the bag.
• Heated Shelf internal element that heats the entire bag for hot deliveries.
• Internal Heated Bags (IHB) separate heated bag that can be added to the bag.
• Internal Cold Compartment (ICC) an add-on to insulate the cold items inside the bag.
For more information on add-ons please turn to page 44


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