Available Bag Sizes Internal Dimensions (cm)   
0298Fresh-Heat-3483434438 Pizzas 33 cm
0343Fresh-Heat-4384242458 Pizzas 42 cm


The Fresh-Heat-Proof is a backpack delivery bag used to deliver pizzas on a bicycle or a scooter. This bag is
lightweight with a separator shelf, waterproof and hard with an aluminum support frame, all these features
make this bag very durable and comfortable on the drivers back. The heater is made of industrial grade
components that are designed for heavy usage, it is internally regulated at an average of 60˚c. The
bag is easy to use and no setup is required. The heater element is available in 220v, 120v and 12v
system with car plug available.

Bag Features
• 900D Textile
• YKK Zipper
• PRTI Insulation
• Condiment Compartment
• Aluminum Frame
• Separator Shelf
• Hard Side
• Padded Back Straps
• Heating Element


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